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Post by Greg on Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:33 am

The reason we decided to start this server was because we realized the "nothing is free" goes a bit too far in some servers and even more farer in RuneScape. Making games just for money is the worst thing that a game studio can do, and so we thought its time to make a server where everyone, and literally everyone is equal. To keep the server alive and free at the same time, we decided to put items to the donation shop that doesn't necessary for the gameplay and won't affect the eco system. A lot servers put dragon claws, armadyl godsword and a lot powerful items to the donation shop, thus making (sometimes) impossible the game for those who can't or not willing to pay, because no matter how good they are, donators are always better than them in both combat and skilling! The prices are as low as possible and these items are avalaible for free-to-play players too through our paying members. Basically, if you bought two partyhats, but you need money instead, you can sell one partyhat to an f2p player for in-game currency. This way all the items are available to everyone, but we can keep the server going. If you feel generous, you can simply donate money to help the server going. These generous donations are insanely appreciated and we'll spend it all on server related stuff. The following items will be available to buy as soon as the server launches!

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