*READ!* Forum Rules *READ!*

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*READ!* Forum Rules *READ!*

Post by Greg on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:43 pm

We want to keep this forum as clean as possible, not only because we don't want useless messages lying around, but because its easier to browse and find what you need when the forum has only useful info in it. Even though we have forum moderators, that doesn't mean you can post any shit and the mods will clean after you. Nope. We have these rules that you must follow if you wanna stay here! As always, we wanted to make the less restrictions possible, so you can't complain! You can find the results of breaking these rules right next to them. You will be warned once before getting punishment!

#1.) Swearing
As you can in the server, you can swear, use strong language in the forums too, but ONLY if you not intend to hurt anyone with it. (Temporary Ban)

#2.) Harassment & Hatred
You are not allowed to post, write, generate racist comments/content, hatred, server/forum/real-life threats, start or joining flame wars, violence. Sexual, 18+ content allowed ONLY in the right forum, under the Miscellaneous category. (Temporary Ban)

#3.) Spamming
You are not allowed to post nonsensical, advertising content on the forum. Intentionally posting the same message more than once also results ban after warning. (Temporary Ban)

#4.) Staff Impersonation
As already stated in Server Rules, if you wish to help, apply for Forum Moderator position [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], but do not impersonate a staff member! If you intentionally doing it, you will be banned. (Temporary Ban)

#5.) Trolling
Not tolerated in the serious part of the forum. People mainly come here for useful information, let them find it, avoid trolling! (Temporary Ban)

#6.) Post-Count Farming
We will notice if you have suspiciously many posts written in suspiciously short time and it's suspiciously nonsensical. If you want to prove yourself badass, find other way. Being the top poster yields no rewards nor respect! The best way to be famous or respected in our forums is posting useful information and earning [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] 'Doughnuts' that you get when someone likes your post. You will be warned once, and since we can't reset your post-count in easy way, your account will be deleted. (Account Delete)

#7.) Grave Digging
Posting, generating trouble by any means in a previously resolved post results digging your own grave in this forum. (Temporary Ban)

If you think I forgot something, please send a message about it and I'll update the rules. Thanks.

- Greg

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