*READ!* Server Rules *READ!*

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*READ!* Server Rules *READ!*

Post by Greg on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:37 pm

In order to keep the server cuntbucket-proof, we (as basically everyone else) had to create rules. We tried to make the less restrictions possible and as long as you follow these rules you have nothing to worry about! Next to the rules you can see the punishment you get for breaking them.

#1.)Impersonate Staff - If you want to help people apply for moderator position, but do not impersonate. (48 Hour Jail)
#2.)Disrespect Staff & Players - Swearing is allowed as long as you mean no disrespect towards anyone! Racism, Bullying, Threating also results Ban. (24 Hour Jail/Ban)
#3.)Multi-Logging - Logging in with multiple accounts at the same time results... nothing good! (Ban)
#4.)Real-World Trading - Game items can only be sold/exchanged for in-game items/currency. (Permanent Ban)
#5.)Scamming - Stealing other peoples items with cheap tricks isn't allowed in any way. (Permanent Ban)
#6.)Bug Exploit - We worked hard to give you the best experiences, therefore don't exploit bugs, report them! (Ban)
#7.)Breaking the Rules - If you see someone breaking a rule, report it! If you help him/her, you both end up in the jail! (24 Hour Jail)
#8.)Player Information - Our staff will never ask for any personal information related to real life or in-game character. Anyone who does will be banned. (Ban)
#9.)Advertising - Advertising is not allowed in any way! Avoid mentioning other servers and sites, don't post links and such. (48 Hour Jail)

There are no exceptions. We take this very seriously and we won't let you go, no matter what you offer for your freedom.

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